New boyband from Starship Entertaiment.. From No Mercy audition..

Stage name: I.M
Full Name: Im Chang Kyun
Birthday: 26th January 1996
Position: Rapper
– Last trainee member who join No Mercy (at the 4th mission)
– Real maknae


Stage name: Minhyuk
Full name: Lee Minhyuk
Birthday: 3rd November 1994
Position: Vocal
Blood: A


Stage name: Wonho
Full name: Shin Ho Seok
Birthday: 1st March 1992
Position: Vocal
Blood: B
– From rich family but got bangkrupt (watch No Mercy ep.10)


Stage name: Hyungwon
Full name: Chae Hyungwon
Birthday: 15th January 1994
Position: Dance
Blood: O
– Former Starship’s model


Stage name: Kihyun
Full name: Yoo Kihyun
Birthday: 22nd November 1993
Position: Vocal
Blood: B
– Have beautiful voice that can’t compare with K.Will “he (Kihyun) won’t like, if his voice compared with K.Will”
– but sometimes his voice cracked 😀


Stage name: Shownu
Full name: Son Hyunwoo
Birthday: 18th June 1992
Position: Vocal
Blood: O
– Former JYP’ trinee (with JB n Jr.
– Former Lee Hyori’s dancer team before join Starahip trinee


Stage name: Jooheon
Full name: Lee Jooheon
Birthday: 6th October 1994
Position: Rapper
Blood type: O
– Bestfriend and Frenemies of #Gun who got eliminated at the final episode


My former bias from No Mercy is Yoosu, but unlucky he got eliminated.. ㅠㅠ



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