[FF] Boyfriend Hyunseong – SORRY BROTHER SORRY

Hyunseong - Jaehyun FF

One Shot




– Shim Hyunseong (Boyfriend) 22 y.o


– Ahn Jaehyun (Model/Actor) 28 y.o


– Kim Dasom (Sistar) 22 y.o




Warning: Long Chapter, Bad words, overflowing imagination of oy hottie boy.


This story is purely my own crap imagination. I don’t even think is Jaehyun really know Hyunseong or something. But damn I can stop thinking about him and Hyunseong keep popping around in pedo nunna’s brain.


If you don’t know who is Ahn Jaehyun My damn hot oppa, don’t you dare ask me. Go and ask google by your self. Sorry girls cuz I can’t explain with my normal words.


You can see Ahn Jaehyun on K.Will Please don’t MV, FYI this story little bit look like yah you will find out. J Also you can see him on Sistar 19 – Gone not around any longer MV. Jaehyun as the delivery man on JTBC High Society. And Jaehyun as cute school boy in You who Came from another stars as Yoon Jae / Song Yi’s brother.


Ups Read here: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/677540/ff-boyfriend-hyunseong-sorry-brother-sorry-boyfriend


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