[Vid/HD] 130315 MBC Section TV – Super Junior with Ailee

130315 MBC Section TV Interview with Super Junior and Ailee starts at 8:50 PM KST (15/03)

cre: Excentrique2106




[130315 Section TV]

MC: who is the member with the most confidence in his body?
Min: Siwon right~ it’s Siwonni
Eunhyuk: but i think… it’s a diffrerent person for different part. There’s a member with the most beautiful butt too.
Shindong: he just need to get his ass insured. If you ask who that is everyone will point to Sungmin. immediately at Sungmin who has such a an appealing ass. www
Min: To maintain this ass everyday i need to do …. this
(Then min shows the hip up exercise…)
Kangin: There is also nickname that members use to call him. Instead of Sungminna~ we call him Onminna~ (On meaning butt)

Japanese translated: @mineko_mai
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)

If don’t know how to credit, you’d better not take this out.
เอาออกพร้อมเครดิตทั้งหมด ถ้าให้เครดิตไม่เป็นก็ไม่ต้องเอาออก

via: @kyuminupdates

sungmin butt

Sungmin showed his butt captured.

Take out with full credits.



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