120924 – Kangin Leeteuk KangTeuk twitter update

http://twitpic.com/axsihj  봤지 우리 이런사이야

Saw this, we knew

Tans pict.
SJ 특이 형: 영운아!! 다시 같이 해서 형 진짜 너무 좋다!! 우리 어서도 같이 오래오래 형 옆에 붙어있어죠 ^^…
SJ Teuk-i Hyung: Yong – Woon Oh!! Again, as it really too good!! We Come a long long time, as it’s attached to the side of the brother ^^…

*hahaha Young Woon Oppa lagi-lagi memproklamirkan KangTeuk… ^^ tapi sayang sebentar lagi Teuk wamil, gantian Kangin oppa yang jadi duda (??) keren!!



꽃미남연쇄테러사건 영화 무대인사다닐때..2008년인가..저런 머리가 유행했는데..나 2년뒤에 저런머리다시해봐도 될까..^^ㅋpic.twitter.com/PtQhZZnO

When I went to the movie attack of the pin-up boys‘s meet and greet..was it 2008..that kind of hair was popular..would it be okay if I try that kind of hair 2 years later..^^ㅋ


*Teuk mau ganti hair style ^^ kaya jaman Attack on the pin up boys~ Agree !! biar keliatan lebih cute sebelum wamil…



Cre: @Himsenkangin  @special1004


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